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5 Pergola Lighting Ideas

Are you wondering how to decorate a pergola with lights? With a little thought and creativity, you can transform this outdoor space into a stunning focal point for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a relaxing evening.

As Spring finally arrives, it's the perfect time to enhance your pergola with inviting lighting ideas.

In this article, we'll explore five captivating pergola lighting ideas, ranging from festoon lights, pergola string lighting ideas, solar garden lanterns and even outdoor hanging pendant lights.

1. Bring a cosy glow to your pergola with outdoor festoon lighting
2. Add sparkle with pergola fairy lights
3. Bring light to your outdoor pergola space with battery-powered pendant lighting
4. Bring colour to your pergola with these stunning garden solar lights
5. Add lights to the sitting space under your pergola


1. Bring a cosy glow to your pergola with outdoor festoon lighting

To infuse a warm atmosphere and festival vibes into your pergola, consider hanging a string of festoon lights.

festoon lights pergola
Our collection at Sparkle offers a variety of options, including battery-powered outdoor festoon lights for areas without power. For an added touch of drama, try our drop festoon lights or drop bulb festoon lights, which can be easily attached using hooks or the beams/posts of the structure.

2. Add sparkle with pergola fairy lights

For a truly mesmerizing effect, intertwine a string of fairy lights with your festoon lights. This perfect combination will make you feel like you're sitting beneath a starry sky, regardless of the cloud cover. 

fairy lights & festoon lighting pergola

Explore the various pergola string lighting ideas available in our store, and feel free to get creative by hanging string lights along the ceiling, down the posts, or wherever you desire a touch of sparkle.

You can use hooks, a staple gun, or the beams/sides/posts of the structure for attachment.

3. Bring light to your outdoor pergola space with battery-powered pendant lighting

If you're seeking a modern touch for your pergola lighting, look no further than our Outdoor Pendant Lights. These stylish mesh metal lights can be statement pieces that hang from your pergola, offering both style and functionality. 

outdoor pendant lighting uk

The best part is, they don't require power to operate. Hang a single pendant light in the center of an outdoor table, or create an even greater impact by hanging three lights with different designs.

4. Bring colour to your pergola with these stunning garden solar lights

For a bright and playful look, consider Sparkle's Outdoor Solar Lanterns. These lanterns create the ultimate Boho vibe and add a vibrant touch to your outdoor pergola lighting.

garden hanging solar lanterns

Solar Outdoor Lanterns

Available in various colors and shapes, these solar paper effect lanterns work beautifully together to create a captivating display.

Made with a lightweight and durable Tyvek material, they can withstand rain without losing their charm. Hang several lanterns from your pergola to create a statement-making garden look.

5. Add lights to the sitting space under your pergola

If you have a dining or coffee table under your pergola, there are various lighting options to illuminate this space during outdoor entertaining. 

Outdoor LED Candles

Consider using outdoor LED candles to create a warm and inviting glow. Alternatively, you can bring a battery-operated table lamp or USB-charged table lamp for the evening. Our battery-operated table lamps come in a range of colors, allowing you to match them to your color scheme.

With these five outdoor pergola lighting ideas, you can create a stunning and inviting sitting area that becomes the highlight of your garden.

Experiment with different combinations and explore our wide selection of garden lighting options to find your own unique style.

Remember, the right lighting is the finishing touch that brings your pergola to life. For more garden lighting inspiration, visit our blog or explore our full range of garden lighting products.