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5 Pergola Lighting Ideas

I am often asked how to light a pergola and with a little thought you can make this a stunning focal point of your outdoor space and the perfect place to entertain guests for dinner or just for a few evening drinks.

With Spring now finally arriving, our attention is drawn to our outside spaces and  our pergola areas as we look to make them look and feel more inviting for outdoor entertaining and enjoying summer evenings with family and friends.

There are so many lights that you can use to really bring a pergola alive so here is a list of 5 pergola LED lighting ideas. This pergola lighting collection ranges from festoon lightspergola string lighting ideassolar garden lanterns and even outdoor hanging pendant lights.

Use them by themselves or to create even more impact by mixing a few of the options together. Festoon lights and fairy lights are a great combination and I love the solar garden lanterns used with festoon lights to create a real statement around your pergola. Create a focal point over a table with our cordless table lights or by hanging battery operated outdoor pendant lights.

1. Bring a cosy glow to your pergola with outdoor festoon lighting

Hang a string of festoon garden lights from your pergola to bring a warm atmosphere to the space and create a festival vibe. All of Sparkle's festoon lights are perfect for this and if you don't have power you can use our battery outdoor festoon lights. Sparkle's drop festoon lights & drop bulb festoon lights are perfect for pergola festoon lights and will bring even more drama to your pergola or gazebo.

These can be attached with hooks or using the beams or posts of the structure.

festoon lights pergola

        Drop Festoon Lights

2. Add sparkle with pergola fairy lights

If you really want to create the wow factor, intertwine a string of fairy lights into the pergola alongside the festoon lights (the perfect combination) and it will feel like you’re sitting out under a starry sky, no matter how cloudy it may be overhead. There are lots of pergola string lights ideas in our store. You can even use string lights by themselves on a pergola along the ceiling, down the posts,  sides or wherever you fancy adding some sparkle.

These can be attached by using hooks, a staple gun or the beams, side or posts of the structure. There are lots of pergola string lighting ideas on our website.

fairy lights & festoon lighting pergola

        Drop bulb Festoon Lights & silver fairy lights 📷 @pandora.maxton

3. Bring light to this outdoor pergola space with outdoor battery powered pendant lighting

Looking for modern pergola lighting? Look no further than our Outdoor Pendant Lights and the perfect outdoor lights for a pergola to bring all the style and function of indoors, outside. These outdoor pendant lights in mesh metal really are a statement piece to hang from your pergola and you don't even need to have power to use them. Hang one by itself in the middle of an outdoor table or hang three in the different designs to make even more of a statement.

outdoor pendant lighting uk

       Outdoor Pendant Lights

4. Bring colour to your pergola with these stunning garden solar lights

If you want to go for more of a bright and playful look, Sparkle's Outdoor Solar Lanterns create the ultimate Boho vibe and the perfect outdoor pergola lighting. These outdoor solar paper effect lanterns are available in various colours and shapes and work perfectly together to create an impact. They feature a delicate paper-like finish but are made using a unique Tyvek lightweight and durable material so you don’t have to worry about them ruining in the rain. We think the more the better with these solar lanterns as they really do look great together in sets. Hang several together from a pergola to really create the ultimate statement garden look.

garden hanging solar lanterns.       Solar Outdoor Lanterns

5. Add lights to the sitting space under your pergola

 Do you have a dining table or coffee table under your pergola? There are various lighting options to bring light to this space when you are entertaining outside. Use outdoor LED candles to bring a warm glow otherwise you could take a battery operated table lamp or a USB charged table lamp out with you for the evening. The battery operated table lamps come in lots of different colours to compliment your colour scheme.

Outdoor LED Candles

         LED Outdoor Candle

So there you go…

5 outdoor pergola lighting ideas for your garden structure. I hope that this has given you the inspiration that you need to light up your pergola. We have so many fun lights for you to explore to create your own look. You really can create a stunning statement sitting area and the lighting really is the finishing touch.

 Explore all of our garden lighting or have a read of our blog for more garden lighting inspiration garden lighting ideas- 5 places to use lights around your garden.

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