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Discover our twinkly unusual LED solar string lights for outdoors that will bring a warm glow to your outdoor space all year with no additional electricity costs insight.


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Find the perfect garden solar powered fairy lights to bring sparkle to your outdoor space

Make a statement and create a warm and inviting space with solar string lights for the garden. Our beautiful range of LED solar string lights for outdoors are the perfect decoration to bring some sparkle to your space. Lots of items available in different lengths and designs.


How do solar fairy lights work?

Solar fairy lights work by converting direct sunlight into electrical energy through solar panels. The energy is then stored in rechargeable batteries during the day, and then the batteries power the lights at night.

How to charge solar fairy lights?

To charge solar fairy lights, the solar panels must be in direct sunlight with no shadows all day.

How long do solar fairy lights last?

When properly cared for and maintained solar fairy lights can last for several years.

How to use solar fairy lights?

Solar fairy lights are so easy to use, once set up and switched on, they will come on automatically at dusk every evening for 6 hours. Once set up, it is a good idea to leave the solar string lights off for a few days to give them time to charge.

Can solar fairy lights be used indoors?

Solar fairy lights can be used indoors as long as they are placed in a position where they can receive direct sunlight during the day to charge the batteries.

Are solar fairy lights waterproof?

The majority of fairy lights are waterproof as they are intended to be used outdoors.

Do solar fairy lights work in winter?

Solar fairy lights will work in the winter but when there is a lack of sunshine, they may come on for less time and sometimes not all.

How to fix solar fairy lights?

If your solar fairy lights are not working or are flickering, switch them off until they have had at least 3 days of total sunshine, this will give the rechargeable battery time to recharge. If this doesn't work, try changing the rechargeable battery within the unit. Then leave the lights outside switched off for a few days to give the battery time to completely charge up.

How can I maintain my solar fairy lights?

To maintain your solar fairy lights, you need to make sure the solar panel is regularly cleaned to ensure maximum sunlight exposure. Also, replace the batteries when needed, and store your solar string lights in a dry place when not in use.

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