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Solar Fairy Lights
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Solar Stake Lights
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Solar Garden Lanterns
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starburst outdoor solar stake lights
Star burst outdoor light -
Solar Starburst Light
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solar powered lanterns for the garden
Outdoor Solar Lanterns
Outdoor Solar Lanterns
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wild fennel lights
solar spike garden lights
Fennel Solar Stake Lights
From £39.95
Hanging solar lights
Hanging solar lanterns
Solar Garden Lanterns
From £39.95
Solar starburst stake tree lights up a staircase
Solar starburst tree light
Solar Starburst Branch Light
dandelion solar stake light
dandelion stake light
Dandelion Solar Stake Light
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solar ivy trellis
Solar lit ivy trellis
Garden Solar Ivy Lights
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Sphere garden solar stake light-
sphere solar stake light along a drive
Solar Sphere Garden Lights
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Starburst black fairy lights -
Starburst black fairy lights -
Starburst Black Outdoor Fairy Lights
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flickering solar lanterns
flickering flame solar lantern
Solar Flame Lantern
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Solar String Lights
Solar String Lights
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Wild fennel solar branch stake lights in a flower bed
Fennel solar branch stake lights in a flower bed
Fennel Branch Solar Light
From £39.95
Monstera leaf solar stake lights along a wall
Solar monstera lights in daytime- Large & Medium
Monstera Leaf Solar Lights
From £34.95
Solar Butterfly Fairy Lights
Solar Butterfly Fairy Lights

Solar Garden Lights from Sparkle Lighting


 Find the perfect pretty waterproof garden solar lights for your outdoor living space.  Stunning reliable unusual solar lights for the garden which are easy to install and no electricity is needed. 

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space using our beautiful range of LED outdoor solar garden lights, including everything from solar stake lights, solar fairy lights and lots of different solar lantern lights. Lots of options to use on your driveway, pathways, patio, lawn & borders.and to use when landscaping your garden.

Outdoor solar lights for trees, patios, flowerbed and pathways that will make a pretty features in your garden. They are so easy to install making them perfect when you are doing a DIY job on your garden

These solar powered decorative outdoor lights are also more energy-efficient, friendly to environment and cost effective than traditional electric lights.  Lots of solar garden decor that will really make a statement in your outdoor space.

Check out all of our Outdoor Lights or you may be interested in our Outdoor Battery Operated Lights or our Mains Powered Garden Lights.

LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch

Indoor & Outdoor Use- IP44 rated so waterproof


How do solar garden lights work?

Solar lights for the garden are lights that turn the energy from the sun in the day into electricity which is then stored in a rechargeable battery and used to light the solar lighting in the evening. Each light has a small photovoltaic cell on the top or on a panel that you can place away from the light.Solar lights have a sensor so as soon as the darkness arrives, they will come on for a 6 hour period every evening.

Are solar garden lights any good?

Solar lights are cheap and easy to install and they'll save you money on electricity bills and batteries as they are charged by the sun during the day. You have to look after them so make sure the panel is direct sunlight with no shadow at all and that the panel is kept clean. If the solar light doesn’t get enough sun, they will stop working and the rechargeable battery will go flat.

Which solar garden lights?

There are lots of different versions of solar garden lights including stake lights, lanterns, fairy lights & table lamps so first you decide where you are going to use them and then decide which type of solar garden light you need.

Are solar garden lights waterproof?

As solar panels are only ever used outside, they are indeed all weatherproof and all of our solar garden lights are IP44 rated meaning that they are waterproof and can be used outside.

Do solar garden lights work in the winter?

Solar lights will still work in the winter, so long as there is plenty of sunlight to charge the lights. It doesn't matter if it's snowing; as long as the lights have plenty of sun to completely charge, they will work when you need them to, however if there is no sun for quite a few days they may not come on at all or for less hours.

Do solar garden lights need batteries?

All solar lights have a rechargeable battery inside them, the solar panel converts the sunlight into power to charge the batteries which then turns and powers the lights in the evening.

How long do solar garden lights last?

The lifespan of solar garden lights can vary, but most will last for several years with proper maintenance.A battery in any solar light will eventually need replacing. On average they only last for up to 600 charges so you'll find that usually within 2 years a replacement battery will be needed.

Why do solar garden lights stop working?

Firstly check in the evening that the light is switched on as sometimes it is hard to tell on solar lights. In most instances of solar powered lights not working, it is the battery. Either they are not receiving charge or they are not holding it. The reason the battery may not be working is that the solar panel might not be getting enough sun due to being in a poor position or dirty. This in turn, will make the battery go flat.

How do I install solar garden lights?

Installation of solar garden lights is generally very simple and does not require any wiring. Simply make sure that the solar panel is receiving direct sunlight in the day and there is no shadow at all on the panel.

How do I clean my solar garden lights?

Solar garden lights can be cleaned by swiping the solar panel with a damp cloth. You must avoid using harsh chemicals as they damage the plastic and the solar panel.

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