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Trio of Glass Candles
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LED Battery  Candles from Sparkle Lighting

A collection of flameless decorative battery operated candles with remote controls and timers. Perfect for bringing a warm glow to your home, party or wedding. Lots of different options of light up battery candles to create your desired look. A battery candle by itself can make a statement but use a group of battery candles together to make even more of a statement.
These flameless wax candles make great decorations and create a really lovely atmosphere. They come in different styles and height including trios of pillar candles and a 3 wick LED candle.

These candles with batteries all include a remote control. All of our candles have a 'true to life' flickering flames.

A battery candle is safer than a normal candle but can create the same beautiful effect. Use lots of battery candles together to create even more impact.

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LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch


What are LED candles?

LED candles are battery powered candles that use LED lights to simulate the look and feel of real candles.

Are LED candles safe?

LED candles are safe and much safer than real candles as they do not have a real flame and they are cool to the touch so make a great alternative.

Are LED candles waterproof?

Some LED candles are designed to be used outdoors and are waterproof, please check product descriptions to find out which ones.

Do LED candles require batteries?

Most LED candles require 2 or 3 AA batteries.