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green table lamps cordless
blue/green table battery lamps
Cordless Ribbed Glass Table Lamps
From £34.95
Cordless Glass Fluted Ribbed Battery Lamp
Cordless Glass Fluted Ribbed Battery Lamp
Cordless Glass Fluted Ribbed Battery Lamp
From £34.95
green glass battery operated table lamp
blue glass battery operated table lamp
Battery Operated Glass Table Lamp
two grey swirl cordless lamps on a table in front of fairy lights
two dark green swirl cordless lamps on a table in front of fairy lights
Cordless Swirl Glass Table Lamps
From £32.95
Trio of Glass Candles
LED candles with remote
Trio of Glass Candles
White LED pine cone candles
pine cone gold LED candles
Pine Cone Candles
Cordless battery powered table lamp
Fine ribbed battery powered table lamp -
Fine Ribbed Battery Powered Table Lamp
battery powered candles
Trio of Pillar Candles 7.5cm
battery operated candles
Small LED candle
LED Pillar Candles
From £24.50
cordless table lamps rechargeable
Rechargeable table lamps UK on an outside table
USB Rechargeable Lamp
LED candles pillar
battery pillar candles
Trio of LED Pillar Candles
LED 3 wick Candle -
3 Wick LED Candle
flickering solar lanterns
flickering flame solar lantern
Solar Flame Lantern
From £25.95
LED candle lights
LED candle for the garden
Outdoor LED Candles
From £22.95

Cordless Lights from Sparkle Lighting

Whether you are looking for striking exterior cordless lamps to brighten your al fresco dining area, or smaller cordless lights or candles to create a cosy, intimate indoor setting, our range has the perfect solution to suit your space. This stunning cordless lighting can also be used inside but also be used taken outside when entertaining.

Add a touch of sparkle to your exterior seating area or your indoor living space with a cordless table lamp or USB powered lamp or lantern and enjoy both indoors and for outdoor entertaining all year round.

Have you got a piece of furniture that you would like to put a light on but you don't have a plug socket available or you need a light by your bed but have no electrical point? Rechargeable USB table lamps or battery lamps are the perfect solution.

Luxury cordless table lamps, rechargeable lamps or LED lighting candles are a great alternative to real wax candles for the home but also for hotels, restaurants, events, weddings & parties. They will really bring a lovely atmosphere to a space.  

Check out all of our Indoor Lights or you may be interested in our Battery Operated Lights, and Plug In Lights.

LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch


Is there a lamp without a cord?

Cordless table lamps do exisit as either battery lamps or rechargeable USB table lamps.

How do cordless lights work?

Cordless lights do not use traditional electrical cords, plugs and outlets. They rely on battery power and an LED bulb to produce light. Other cordless lamps are rechargeable and come with USB ports — just plug a USB cord in and connect it to an electrical outlet.

How long do cordless lights last?

All our cordless battery operated lamps come with an energy efficient non replaceable LED bulb included. The LED operating life is estimated to last 40,000 hours. Our cordless rechargeable USB lamps can be used inside and out and will last 9 hours between charges

Do cordless lights work well?

Cordless lights work well as you can use them anywhere indoors or out and you don’t need a plug. You can operate them on battery or charge them on a USB port depending on the type of cordless lamp that you chose.