pom pom lights along a bedroom wall

10 Bedroom Fairy Lights Ideas

Bedrooms offer a space for rest and relaxation so you want this room to be warm, inviting and a haven of tranquillity. The main overhead light can sometimes be a little harsh so rather than reach for the mains switch, I often opt for the bedroom table lamp or a string of ambient fairy lights instead to give a warm, cosy glow.

As part of our natural human circadian rhythm, warm lights relax us, help us wind down for the day and get ready for sleep, which is why so many experts tell us to avoid our mobile phones before bed. The light from your phone can stimulate your brain which is the last thing you want before going to sleep.

So before bed at night why not put down the mobile phone and choose to use fairy lights for the bedroom instead? They really are a great way to light up a room and bring a lovely warm atmosphere. They also make a great night light too.

They are perfect DIY bedroom makeovers and make great all year decorations for a bedroom but if you are unsure how to use them, I’ve listed 10 inspirational bedroom string lights ideas below to show you where to fairy lights in a bedroom. There are battery fairy lights options too so you don't even need a plug in the right place.

1. Decorate your headboard

Starburst fairy lights wrapped around the head of a bed in a child's room

Silver Starburst Fairy Lights  📷 @kitandco_

LED lights around the bed are perfect to make a statement and to bring a focus to the bed.They work superbly entwined around bed railings but can also just be as easily draped across a solid headboard.

Do you have a child that is scared of the dark and likes sleeping with a light on? A bedside table lamp can often be too bright at night but wrap a light string of fairy lights around the bed frame and the enveloping warm glow will help to soothe your little one to sleep.

The Starburst Fairy Lights, like many of Sparkle Lighting’s indoor fairy lights look delightfully decorative even when switched off so when draped around a headboard they can make a lovely feature.

2. Use Clip Lights to Display Your Favourite Photos

Photo clip Fairy Lights with cards

Photo Clip String Lights

Add the personal touch to your bedroom by displaying photos of family and friends using plug in bedroom fairy lights. Bedrooms can sometimes be limited on space but it is always nice to be able to display photos that mean something to you, and this is a perfect way of doing it. Sparkle Lighting’s Fairy Lights with Clips are a great length and have 20 clips in total. They could even be used to hang keepsakes such as cards, letters and pictures. 

3. Drape around a mirror

Fairy lights around a mirror

Random Twinkling Fairy Lights

Have you ever wondered how to enhance the lighting aesthetic in your bedroom? Most people are likely to have a mirror in their room and this is a really effective way of decorating your bedroom with fairy lights.

SPARKLE has a range of lights that can be used for this, such as Sparkle's random twinkling Silver Fairy Lights (shown), copper cluster fairy lights or silver Fairy Lights. These all offer a lovely warm glow and provide a beautifully flattering light when doing your hair or make-up. Why not give your mirror the movie star treatment? It’ll make you feel a million dollars, I guarantee.

4. Create a Feature with Wall Lights

Boho heart wall light on a bedroom wall

Boho Wall Light

You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on a piece of wall art to create an impactful focal point in your bedroom. Our affordable Boho Heart Wall Light brings both colour and sparkle to the room. Available in 2 sizes, they are easy to hang and the large size can be plugged into the mains while the medium is battery operated for even greater flexibility.

If you liked the idea of fairy lights around a headboard but don’t actually have one, then this is the perfect alternative for using bedroom fairy lights above the bed.

5. Illuminate Vases or Ornaments

Boho fairy lights draped over a cloche

Boho Fairy Lights

Create a light decoration for your room by draping battery powered fairy lights over ornaments to add some extra sparkle to the bedroom. Alternatively, if you have an empty vase or bell jar, create your own extra sparkly bedside lamp by filling them with fairy lights.

Our Boho Fairy Lights are perfect for either of these options. The warm white lights make the holographic discs and decorative beads sparkle when lit but they also bring a burst of colour to a room when not lit.

6. Shed some Light on a Darker Corner of a Room 

Gemstone fairy lights around a wardrobe

Gem Fairy Lights

Do you have a dark corner of your bedroom that could do with some light? Use bedroom fairy lights to not only shed some light on this area but also make a stunning feature of it.
Plug sockets can be limited in bedrooms sometimes so our battery operated fairy lights are a great way of getting around this and mean you can add some ambient light, wherever you need it. In the picture shown Sparkle's Gem Fairy Lights have been used to create a feature of the pretty alcove in the nursery. 

7. Simply Hang Across a Wall

Pom pom fairy lights along a bedroom wall

Pom Pom Lights 📷 @

Another way to hang fairy lights in the bedroom is to simply hang them from one corner of a wall to another. It’s a simple way of creating a feature in your room, as well as adding some lovely mood lighting. They are attached easily by hanging from a couple of small nails, and can either sit flush against the edge of the wall for a contemporary feel or draped like they have been in the picture shown for a more romantic look.

Our versatile Pom Pom Lights would be great used in this way and their neutral finish will compliment any bedroom scheme.

Alternatively for a more modern look, you could use indoor festoon lights. These statement lights would look great in a more minimalistic or industrial style room and add just the right touch of style.

8. Use String Lights in a Tent for Children

Glittery star fairy lights

Star String Lights

Do children love anything more than building a den in their bedroom? It’s the perfect place to play or even spend the night. Add LED string lights inside the tent and you’ll create the most special little hang out for your children.

All of our battery operated fairy lights could be used for this but Glittery Star Fairy Lights would add a magical glow to any tent.

9. Create a Cosy Reading Corner

Moon & star fairy lights

Night Sky Copper Fairy Lights

Children often have a bookcase or bookshelves with lots of books on display. Drape some fairy lights along a wall or over the bookcase, add a beanbag or chair close by and not only are you making a lovely feature but you are also illuminating an area for children to sit and read their favourite story with you.

These moon & star fairy lights are perfect for creating that evening/ night time feel in a bedroom.

10. Bring the stars to a bedroom

Star Light on a bedroom wall

White Star Light

Star lights are the perfect decorative lights to make a statement in a bedroom all year and can be used in bedrooms of any age from nurseries to adult bedrooms. They fill a space with such a wonderful glow, you’ll never want to turn them off.

You can hang them or prop them against a wall or pop them in a window to create a warm welcoming space.

So there you have it,10 different ways to decorate a bedroom with fairy lights.

So there you go…

10 ways to use fairy lights around your bedroom all year. I hope that this has given you the inspiration that you need to give it a try. We have so many fun lights for you to explore.

We have lots of choice of bedroom fairy lights from colourful sets to more neutral finishes and take a look here to shop more general bedroom lighting ideas.

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