gem nursery fairy lights around the edge of a wardrobe

Collection: Nursery Lights

Discover the perfect lights for nurseries and any child's bedroom in our enchanting Nursery Lights Collection. This delightful selection features nursery table lamps, fairy lights, and wall lights, each crafted to create a warm and cosy environment. Every light also doubles as a nursery night light, offering both charm and comfort. Explore our Nursery Lights Collection and let your child's room glow with timeless enchantment.
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Nursery star light
Standing star Lights -
Star Night Light
bear wall light
bear wall head
Bear Wall Light
Boho hoop lights -
Boho hoop lights -
Boho Hoop Lights
From $47
Light up letters -
LED letter light -
Letters With Lights
pink & white cotton ball string lights
pink cotton ball string lights
Pink Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
From $21
Children's star night light
Standing star light -
Starlight Lamp
Lion wall hanging
lion wall decoration
Lion Wall Light
gem children's bedroom fairy lights around the edge of a wardrobe
gem children's fairy lights
Gemstone Fairy Lights
From $56
Large light up heart for wall
LED heart light for wall
Boho Heart Wall Lights
From $46
heart light on your christmas table
LED heart light
Heart light
Boho fairy lights -
Boho string lights -
Boho Fairy Lights
From $37
multi-coloured fairy lights -
Confetti string lights -
Confetti Fairy Lights
From $43
gold star fairy lights
gold star string lights
Gold Star Wire Fairy Lights
Heart fairy lights -
heart string lights
Heart Fairy Lights
White Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
White Cotton Ball Fairy Lights -
White Cotton Ball Fairy Lights
From $21
black star light
 battery powered star light
Metal Star Light

Nursery Lights from Sparkle Lighting


Find the perfect lights for nurseries and for any child's bedroom. A stunning collection of nursery lighting to decorate your baby's first bedroom including nursery table lamps, fairy lights and wall lights. All of the lights also make perfect nursery night lights. Great as baby & birthday gifts too.

Create a warm and cosy environment in your nursery with our range of nursery lamps, letter lights, beautiful string lights and lots of LED light decorations in the shapes of stars and hearts for kid's rooms. Lots of different colours and styles available to help with your own DIY nursery makeover.

Shop a variety of statement nursery lights, lots of the items also work perfectly as night lights to help your baby sleep. These nursery lights also make great baby shower gifts or the perfect baby gifts for newborns. Plug in and battery operated items available. 

 You may be interested in our Kids Fairy & Bedroom Lights, and Cool Teenage Bedroom Lights.

LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of nursery lights are available?

There are lots of different nursery lights available, including night lights, desk lamps, fairy lights and wall lights. Night lights are great for children who are afraid of the dark and fairy lights work perfectly as night lights too.

Are LED lights safe for nursery rooms?

Yes, LED lights are safe for nursery rooms. LED lights are cool to the touch and do not generate heat. You must make sure that they are no wires in arms length in a nursery room.

Can nursery lights be used as a sleep aid?

Yes, nursery lights can be used as a sleep aid. Night lights and fairy lights can help children feel safe and secure in the dark but won’t disturb your sleep.