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Christmas deer with lights -
Christmas deer with lights -
Christmas Deer With Lights
From £17.95
copper standing star lights on a dining table
Standing star light
Light Up Standing Star Lights
White LED pine cone candles
pine cone gold LED candles
Pine Cone Candles
Table Tree Light
star fairy lights
glittery lights
Glittery Star Fairy Lights
Trio of Glass Candles
LED candles with remote
Trio of Glass Candles
Three LightUp Robin Table Lamps on a table next to a light-up Christmas tree.
Three White Light Up Robin Table Lamps displayed on a wooden table.
Light Up Robin Table Lamp
Gold leaf fairy lights -
Gold leaf fairy lights -
Gold leaf fairy lights
Table Mesh Star
LED candles pillar
battery pillar candles
Trio of LED Pillar Candles
Mini Table Starbursts
Gold Eucalyptus Fairy Lights -
Gold Eucalyptus Fairy Lights -
Gold Eucalyptus Fairy Lights
battery operated candles
Small LED candle
LED Pillar Candles
From £24.50
Fern gold fairy lights
Fern leaves fairy lights
Fern Gold Fairy Lights
Gold Confetti Fairy Lights -
Gold Confetti Fairy Lights -
Gold Confetti Fairy Lights
From £31.50
gold star fairy lights
gold star string lights
Gold Star Wire Fairy Lights
battery powered candles
Trio of Pillar Candles 7.5cm
A twine of green lights on a concrete surface.
	A leaf twine hanging from a wooden frame.
Leaf Twine Fairy Lights
multi-coloured fairy lights -
Confetti string lights -
Confetti Fairy Lights
From £32.95

Christmas Table Lights from Sparkle Lighting


Brighten up your holiday dining experience with our enchanting selection of Christmas table lights from Sparkle Lightning. Discover a world of inspiration for your festive gatherings with our diverse range of Christmas table decorations. Transform your dining area into a magical wonderland with ease.

Create a captivating and unforgettable holiday ambiance with our elegant Christmas table centerpieces. Choose from an array of options, including charming fairy lights, sophisticated hanging lights, cosy LED candles, and mesmerizing star lights. Elevate your Christmas table decor with our exquisite Christmas table garland with lights, casting a warm, festive glow over your celebrations.

Our curated collection of Christmas table lights decorations is designed to infuse your holiday table with timeless elegance and charm. Let the gentle glow of our Christmas lights for dining table set the perfect mood for joyful feasting. Craft cherished memories with your loved ones as our delightful Christmas tabletop decorations twinkle and sparkle in the background.

Make this festive season truly special by selecting from our variety of enchanting Christmas table lights. Illuminate your celebrations and make your Christmas table setting shine with brilliance and wonder.

Check out all of our Christmas Lights or may also like our Christmas Star Lights .

LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch


What are some creative Christmas table ideas using lights?

Our Christmas Table Lights Collection offers a variety of inspiring ideas to adorn your table, such as creating a captivating centerpiece with lights, using garlands and runners adorned with twinkling lights, and incorporating enchanting LED candles and Star lights.

How can I make a stunning Christmas table centerpiece with lights?

Design a captivating centerpiece by arranging our fairy lights, hanging lights, and Star lights around festive decorations like ornaments and greenery. It will create a warm and magical focal point for your Christmas table.

What types of Christmas table lights are available in the collection?

Our collection features a wide array of Christmas table lights, including fairy lights, LED candles, hanging lights, and more, all perfect for adding a delightful glow to your holiday gatherings.

Can I use Christmas table lights for decorating garlands and table runners?

Absolutely! Our Christmas table lights are perfect for enhancing garlands and table runners, infusing them with a captivating glow that illuminates your festive decorations.

How can I use Christmas table lights to light up my table decorations?

You can easily incorporate our light-up Christmas table decorations, such as LED candles and star lights, to add a warm and inviting glow to your table setting, creating a magical atmosphere for your guests.

Are there specific Christmas lights for dining tables?

Yes, we offer Christmas lights designed specifically for dining tables, such as LED candles and fairy lights, which beautifully accentuate your dining experience during the holiday season.

Can I use Christmas table lights for both indoor and outdoor table decorations?

While most of our Christmas table lights are designed for indoor use, certain options can be used outdoors in covered areas, allowing you to create a festive atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. All of our lights are at least IP44 which means that they are water & weatherproof and can be used outside all year.

Do the Christmas table lights require batteries or a power source?

Some of our Christmas table lights are battery-powered, providing convenience and flexibility for placement. Others can be powered by plugging them into an electrical outlet, ensuring a steady and reliable glow.

Can I use Christmas table lights as part of table top decorations?

Absolutely! Our Christmas table lights are perfect for adorning table top decorations, including centerpieces, garlands, and runners, elevating your holiday decor with a sparkling touch.

How can I incorporate Christmas table lights for a charming and festive ambiance?

Easily incorporate our Christmas table lights throughout your table decor, whether as centerpiece accents, illuminating garlands, or charming additions to your table runners. The warm glow will create a delightful and inviting ambiance for your Christmas celebrations.

What are some tips for selecting the perfect Christmas table lights for my dining table?

Consider the size and style of your dining table, the ambiance you wish to create, and the color scheme of your decorations. Choose Christmas table lights that complement your overall holiday decor and personal taste, ensuring a magical and festive dining experience.

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