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Silver cluster lights
Silver fairy lights around a mirror
Silver Wire Fairy Lights
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Green Fairy Lights -
Green Fairy Lights -
Green Wire Fairy Lights
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outdoor cluster lights
cluster lights
Cluster Lights
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Copper starburst indoor fairy lights
copper starburst fairy lights around a mirror
Starburst Copper Fairy Lights
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Copper light string -
LED wire copper lights on a wire down a bannister -
Copper Wire Fairy Lights
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Starburst silver string lights
Silver starburst fairy lights around a mirror
Starburst Silver Fairy Lights
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Starburst black string lights -
Starburst black string lights -
Starburst Black Fairy Lights
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random twinkling string lights
Random Twinkling Cluster Fairy Lights
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Christmas Tree Lights from Sparkle Lighting

Experience the magic of our Christmas tree lightings with Sparkle Lighting's enchanting collection. Add a touch of magic and create a festive ambiance with our enchanting fairy lights, designed to bring a special twinkle to your tree, whether it's placed indoors or outdoors. These lights for Christmas tree are perfect for adding an extra sparkle to your holiday decor.

Opt for mini Christmas trees adorned with our Christmas tree lights for a cosy and inviting glow. Enjoy the flexibility of power options as you can easily connect these lights using a plug for traditional use, rely on battery operated Christmas tree lights for flexibility in placement, or harness the energy of the sun with outdoor solar fairy lights.

Let your Christmas tree with lights shine bright and become the centerpiece of your holiday decorations with our stunning Christmas Tree Lights Collection. Our decorated Christmas tree lighting options are sure to enhance the festive atmosphere, whether you're decorating a white Christmas tree or an outdoor Christmas tree with lights.

Embrace the magic of the season with our captivating Christmas tree decorations, available in a variety of styles and power options. Transform your holiday traditions with Sparkle Lighting's exquisite collection of LED Christmas trees, and make your festivities truly shine.

Check out all of our Christmas Lights or you may be interested in our Indoor Christmas Lights and Outdoor Christmas Lights.

LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch

Indoor & Outdoor Use- IP44 rated so waterproof


Can these lights be used outdoors?

Yes, a number of the Christmas Tree Lights in our collection are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. They are weather-resistant and can withstand different environmental conditions. You will need to check the product specification on each of the products to find out.

Are the Christmas Tree Lights battery-operated?

Yes, some of the lights in the Christmas Tree Lights collection are battery-operated. You can find the power options mentioned in the product description for each specific product.

Can I use these lights on a real tree?

Yes, the Christmas Tree Lights can be safely used on both real and artificial Christmas trees. However, ensure that the lights are securely fastened to the branches to prevent any hazards. Please also turn off at night.

Can I use the Christmas Tree Lights for other decorations besides Christmas trees?

Yes, the Christmas Tree Lights can be used for various other decorations, such as wreaths, garlands, mantels, and even for creating a festive ambiance in a room or outdoor space.

Can I use the Christmas Tree Lights for outdoor events or parties?

Absolutely! The Christmas Tree Lights can add a charming touch to outdoor events or parties all year. They can be draped across fences, gazebos, or used to create a cozy atmosphere in an outdoor seating area. You just need to check the lights that you chose are suitable for outside use by checking the product specification.

How do I store the Christmas Tree Lights after the holiday season?

To store the Christmas Tree Lights, gently wrap them around a spool or cardboard to prevent tangling. Place them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality for the next season.

What length of Christmas tree lights do you need for a 7'ft tree?

For a 7-foot Christmas tree, here's a general guideline to help you choose the appropriate length of Christmas tree lights from our product range:

- Measure the height of your tree: Confirm that your tree is indeed 7 feet tall.
- Assess the density of your tree: Consider the thickness and fullness of your tree. A denser tree may require more lights to achieve a balanced and well-lit appearance.
- Calculate the length needed: As a rough estimate, you will typically need around 2.5 to 3 meters (8 to 10 feet) of lights per vertical foot of tree height. For a 7-foot tree, this translates to approximately 17.5 to 21 meters (57 to 70 feet) of lights.
- Consider personal preference: Depending on the level of brightness you desire and the desired spacing between lights, you may choose to increase or decrease the length of lights accordingly.

Please note that these are general recommendations, and personal preference may vary. It's always a good idea to have slightly more lights than you think you'll need, as it's easier to remove excess lights if necessary. Feel free to explore our range of Christmas tree lights in different lengths, and choose the option that suits your preferences and tree size best.

How to hang Christmas tree lights?

Hanging Christmas tree lights can be a fun and rewarding part of decorating your tree. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:

- Start by checking the lights to ensure they are in good working condition.
- Plug in the lights to verify that all the bulbs are functioning before placing them on the tree.
- Begin at the top of the tree and work your way down, wrapping the lights around the branches. You can either follow a spiral pattern or zig-zag back and forth, depending on your preference.
- Tuck the lights deeper into the tree, closer to the trunk, to create a sense of depth and highlight the ornaments.
- If using multiple sets of lights, connect them end-to-end as you go along. Be sure to hide the connectors within the branches to maintain a seamless appearance.
- Take breaks to step back and assess the lighting distribution, ensuring that the tree is evenly illuminated.
- Once all the lights are in place, step back and admire your beautifully lit Christmas tree!