Patio Outdoor Table Lamps & Lighting Ideas

6 Outdoor Table Lighting Ideas

Gone are the days of relying on a simple Citronella candle to light up your outdoor dining experience.

Nowadays, the options for outdoor table lights are endless, offering a wide range of choices to enhance the lighting in your outdoor entertaining space. In this article, we will explore six creative outdoor table lighting ideas that will transform your outdoor area into a stunning and inviting ambiance.

1. Style Cordless Outdoor Table Lamps
2. Add Outdoor Table or Hanging Lanterns
3. LED Candles Brings a Warm Glow
4. Battery Operated Table Lamps Are The Perfect Addition
5. Solar Outdoor Lamps Are Perfect for A Sunny Spot
6. Hang Outdoor String Lighting Overhead

1. Style Cordless Outdoor Table Lamps

When it comes to patio lighting ideas, outdoor table lamps not only provide better visibility for your friends and family but also add a touch of coziness and warmth to your garden area. Consider stylish cordless USB table lamps that can be easily moved around your home and garden.

With a modern, sleek Scandi-inspired design, these lamps are perfect for glamorous garden dinner parties or intimate alfresco meals. Offering up to 9 hours of light, their slim base ensures they take up minimal space on your garden table. The cordless and rechargeable feature allows you to use them anywhere, regardless of your patio's proximity to the house.

2. Add Outdoor Table or Hanging Lanterns

Create an ambient and romantic atmosphere with outdoor table lanterns. These versatile lighting options work wonders on balmy summer evenings and can be used in various ways. 

Suspended over a table, lanterns make stunning centerpieces, especially if your table is situated under a gazebo or pergola.

Grouping multiple lanterns together can create a striking statement. For a more intimate feel, hang lanterns from tree branches to create a magical setting.

Floor lanterns with battery-operated LED candles, tall pillar candles, or tea lights are also excellent choices for dressing up your patio.

Consider solar outdoor table lanterns available in vibrant colors like turquoise, pink, and gold.

With automatic dusk-to-dawn operation, they offer low maintenance and high impact lighting for your garden. Chinese lantern solar string lights can also add an elegant oriental touch to your drinks area, perfect for stringing across walls or pergolas.

3. LED Candles Brings a Warm Glow

While candles offer a romantic glow, safety concerns or windy weather may lead you to seek alternatives. LED candles provide a reliable and battery-powered option for outdoor table lighting.

LED Candles & Battery Outdoor Table Lighting

LED Outdoor Candle

Opt for "true to life" flameless LED candles that flicker like real candles, creating a sumptuous glow. These candles can be taken outside for outdoor entertaining, and certain options are IP44 rated, making them weatherproof and suitable for leaving outside.

4. Battery Operated Table Lamps Are The Perfect Addition

For low-level coffee tables and outdoor dining spaces, consider cordless battery-operated table lamps. These lamps emit a beautifully soft light and are easily portable for indoor and outdoor use.

Cordless battery operated lamps
Cordless Table Lamps

While they are not weatherproof, they can be taken outside for outdoor entertaining, adding a touch of elegance to your setup.

5. Solar Outdoor Lamps Are Perfect for A Sunny Spot

Solar outdoor table lamps are a convenient and eco-friendly lighting option. These lamps charge during the day in direct sunlight and automatically illuminate your outdoor space at dusk.

Solar outdoor table lamps
Solar Flame Lantern

They eliminate the need for battery replacements and provide an elegant lighting solution. Consider solar outdoor metal cage lamps for a truly stylish and captivating evening ambiance.

6. Hang Outdoor String Lighting Overhead

Want to dress your patio space with overhead table lighting? If you have somewhere to hang lights above your garden table, or you’re wanting to cover a wider area of garden or patio then festoon lights never fail to disappoint. SPARKLES Globe Connectable Festoon Lights have oversized globe bulbs that give an ultra-modern take on traditional festoon lights and will bring the WOW factor when strung above an outdoor table. 

Outdoor Patio Table String Lighting

For a soft and romantic vibe, consider starburst fairy lights criss-crossed over a pergola or draped along a fence or exterior wall. These bendable lights allow for easy shaping and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Outdoor garden fairy lights hanging over a table

With these six outdoor table lighting ideas, you can elevate your outdoor entertaining space and create a captivating ambiance for dining and socializing.

Explore these garden lighting options to transform your garden into a beautiful and inviting oasis all year round.

For more garden lighting inspiration, check out our blog for additional ideas and creative ways to incorporate lights into your outdoor space.

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