Patio Outdoor Table Lamps & Lighting Ideas

7 Outdoor Table Lighting Ideas

Gone are the days of having just a Citronella candle burning on the table while you’re dining alfresco. Whether you’re looking for something modern and striking, or intimate and romantic, the choices for outdoor table lights are endless and offer a fantastic way to enhance the lighting in your outdoor entertaining space.

What’s more, the LED, battery operated and cordless USB options available give great flexibility for use indoor and outdoor, giving you use of your table lamps, lanterns and candles all year round. 

Cordless Outdoor Patio Table Lamps

        USB Table Lamp

1. Style Cordless Outdoor Table Lamps

When considering patio lighting ideas, an outdoor table lamp not only brings greater light and visibility for your friends and family, it also brings a cosiness and warmth to your garden area.

For a modern, sleek Scandi inspired look, our cordless USB table lamps can be moved around your home (and garden) to wherever you need them. Perfect for a glamorous garden dinner party, or an intimate alfresco meal, these outdoor table lamps provide 9 hours of light, and their slim base will also take up minimal space on your garden table. Once charged you have the flexibility to use these lights wherever you wish, no matter how far your patio may be from the house. 

Outdoor pendant lighting

        Outdoor Pendant Lighting

2. Add Battery Outdoor Pendant Lights Overhead

With people now wanting their gardens to be an extension of their indoor living space, dressing an outdoor table with an overhead pendant light will create an inviting and elegant setting for alfresco dining. Our modern, mesh metal garden pendant lights give a statement look to your patio area, as the lights can be used singularly or clustered together depending on the size of your table. These outdoor pendant lamps are waterproof and battery operated, so are easy to install and are safe to remain outside.

Outdoor Patio Table Lanterns & Lighting

        Solar Outdoor Lanterns

3. Add Outdoor Table Lanterns

Creating ambient warmth and oozing romance, outdoor table lanterns are perfect for those balmy summer evenings. Not only atmospheric, patio lanterns are also an extremely flexible lighting choice. If you have your table situated under a gazebo or pergola, a lantern can create a stunning centrepiece when suspended over a table, or even grouped collectively to create a striking statement.

For a more intimate, romantic feel, lanterns can also be hung over tree branches to create a beautifully magical setting. To dress up your patio, floor lanterns are also an excellent choice of light, either with battery operated LED candles, tall pillar candles or tea lights.

Why not add a bright, bohemian glow to your patio with our solar outdoor table lanterns – available in turquoise, pink, gold and other striking shades, these versatile lights can be used both as an outdoor table light and hung above your patio table to create an inviting alfresco dining space. These solar-powered patio lights will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, offering a fabulous low maintenance, high impact option for your garden.

Our Chinese lantern solar string lights will also dress up your drinks area with an elegant oriental vibe. Solar powered with a timer to automatically operate for 6 hours each evening, these outdoor lanterns look stunning when strung across a wall or from a pergola, and the neutral shades will complement any colour scheme. 

LED Candles & Battery Outdoor Table Lighting

        LED Outdoor Candle

4. LED Candles Brings a Warm Glow

Nothing beats the romantic glow that a candle offers, safety considerations with young children, or breezy weather can lead us to look for alternatives.

If you’re looking for a more reliable battery powered option for your outdoor table lighting, our  ‘true to life’ flameless LED candles flicker like a real candle and give a sumptuous glow as if they’ve just been lit. All of our LED candles can be taken outside while outdoor entertaining but the LED outdoor candles featured above are also IP44 rated so can be left outside.

Battery Operated Lamps.                 Cordless Battery Table Lamps

5. Battery Operated Table Lamps Are The Perfect Addition

Perfect for low level coffee tables and outdoor dining spaces, our cordless battery operated table lamps offer a beautifully soft light, and being battery operated they are easily portable and can be used both in and outdoors. These are not weatherproof outdoor table lamps but you can easily take them outside for outdoor entertaining.

Solar outdoor table lamps

         Solar Flame Lantern

6. Solar Outdoor Lamps Are Perfect for A Sunny Spot

These solar outdoor table lamps are perfect for bringing light to an outdoor space in the evening and you don't have to even remember to change the battery. Place them in direct sunlight in the day and they will come on automatically at dusk. 

Looking for something even more elegant our solar outdoor metal cage lamps really look the part and set the scene for the perfect evening.

Outdoor Patio Table String Lighting

         Globe Connectable Festoon Lights 

7. Hang Outdoor String Lighting Overhead

Want to dress your patio space with overhead table lighting? If you have somewhere to hang lights above your garden table, or you’re wanting to cover a wider area of garden or patio then festoon lights never fail to disappoint. SPARKLES Globe Connectable Festoon Lights have oversized globe bulbs that give an ultra-modern take on traditional festoon lights and will bring the WOW factor when strung above an outdoor table. 

For a soft, romantic vibe, our solar cluster fairy lights can be criss-crossed over a pergola to bring a glittering glow to your patio area, or the lights can be draped across a fence or exterior wall to create a warm, inviting space. Their metal frame means they’re totally bendable, so easy to shape into your desired effect or wrap them around a post or pole.

Outdoor garden fairy lights hanging over a table

       Starburst Outdoor Lights

To add some further sparkle to your outdoor dining area, our starburst outdoor fairy lights create a magical statement when suspended over a garden table or seating area. Available in silver, black and copper, these LED string lights can be both plug in, solar or battery operated, giving you the flexibility to light your garden during the summer and inside your home during the winter.

 Explore all of our garden lighting or have a read of our blog for more garden lighting inspiration garden lighting ideas- 5 places to use lights around your garden.

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