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green table lamps cordless
blue/green table battery lamps
Cordless Ribbed Glass Table Lamps
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green glass battery operated table lamp
blue glass battery operated table lamp
Battery Operated Glass Table Lamp
copper standing star lights on a dining table
Standing star light
Light Up Standing Star Lights
two grey swirl cordless lamps on a table in front of fairy lights
two dark green swirl cordless lamps on a table in front of fairy lights
Cordless Swirl Glass Table Lamps
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Cordless Glass Fluted Ribbed Battery Lamp
Cordless Glass Fluted Ribbed Battery Lamp
Cordless Glass Fluted Ribbed Battery Lamp
From £34.95
 battery powered star light
Star lights -
Metal Star Light
Cordless battery powered table lamp
Fine ribbed battery powered table lamp -
Fine Ribbed Battery Powered Table Lamp
LED heart light
Standing heart lights -
Heart light
Three LightUp Robin Table Lamps on a table next to a light-up Christmas tree.
Three White Light Up Robin Table Lamps displayed on a wooden table.
Light Up Robin Table Lamp

Battery Operated Lamps from Sparkle Lighting

Illuminate your space with battery-powered lamps from Sparkle Lighting. Do you have a piece of furniture that could use some light, but lacks a nearby plug socket? Our battery operated lamps offer the ideal solution for dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, and even bathrooms where a power source is scarce. These battery lamps allow you to create a warm glow in any room, with no need for electrical points. 

These stunning LED battery lamps can also be used while entertaining outdoors. Bring a battery-operated cordless lamp outdoors during gatherings to add a touch of sparkle to your outdoor entertaining space. You can enjoy the warm glow of our cordless battery operated table lamps indoors and outdoors throughout the year.

Our LED battery operated table lamps are an excellent alternative to candles, suitable for home use, as well as in hotels, restaurants, events, weddings, and parties. They effortlessly set the mood and create a warm atmosphere in any space.

Explore our wide selection of items available in various colors and styles, making them great as gifts for people with new homes, home enthusiasts, or as a unique gift. Discover the freedom of battery-powered lamps and bring light to any corner of your space.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of elegance and convenience with our battery operated lamps from Sparkle Lighting. Illuminate your world with ease and style, whether you need battery-powered decorative table lamps for your indoor space or outdoor table lamps that run on batteries during gatherings and outdoor events.

Check out all of our Table Lamps or you may be interest in seeing all of our Cordless Lights.

LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch

Indoor & Outdoor Use- IP44 rated so waterproof


What are battery table lamps?

Battery table lamps are portable, cordless lamps that operate on batteries instead of being plugged into an electrical outlet. They provide a convenient lighting solution for areas without access to power sources.

Where can I use battery table lamps?

Battery table lamps can be used in various settings, including dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. They are versatile and can be placed on furniture, used as a night light, or as a bedside lamp.

Can I use battery table lamps outdoors?

Yes, you can! Battery-operated cordless table lamps are perfect for taking outside for outdoor entertaining. They can add a touch of sparkle and create a cozy ambiance, allowing you to enjoy both indoor and outdoor spaces all year round. These are indoor lights so must be taken inside at the end of the evening or if it rains.

Do battery operated lamps work well?

Battery operated table lamps work well as you don’t need a plug. Perfect for using anywhere in your home and particularly good for coffee and dining tables where there is normally no plug point available.

Are battery table lamps a good alternative to candles?

Absolutely! LED battery table lamps are a safe and practical alternative to candles. They provide a lovely atmosphere and mood to any space, making them suitable for homes, hotels, restaurants, events, weddings, and parties.

How long do the batteries last in a battery table lamp?

Battery life can vary depending on the lamp's settings and the type of batteries used. However, most battery table lamps will typically last for several days before needing to be replaced or recharged.

What type of batteries do battery table lamps use?

Battery table lamps generally use standard batteries such as AA or AAA. However, it's always a good idea to check the lamp's specifications to ensure you use the correct type of batteries.

Can I replace the batteries in a battery table lamp?

Yes, battery table lamps are designed to allow easy replacement of batteries. Simply remove the old batteries and insert new ones according to the lamp's instructions.

Are battery table lamps energy-efficient?

Yes, battery table lamps that use LED bulbs are energy-efficient. LED technology consumes less power, allowing the batteries to last longer compared to lamps using traditional incandescent bulbs.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in a battery table lamp?

Yes, rechargeable batteries can be used in battery table lamps. They are a cost-effective and eco-friendly option, as they can be recharged and reused multiple times. Just ensure that the lamp is compatible with rechargeable batteries.

Are battery table lamps safe to use?

Yes, battery table lamps are safe to use as they do not require any electrical connections. However, it is important to use the appropriate batteries and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe usage.

How does a battery operated lamp work?

Battery operated lamps do not use traditional electrical cords, plugs and outlets. They rely on battery power and an LED bulb to produce light.

Can battery table lamps be used as a decorative piece?

Yes, battery table lamps can serve as both functional and decorative pieces. They come in various designs and styles, allowing you to choose a lamp that complements your interior decor.

Can battery table lamps be used in commercial settings?

Yes, battery table lamps, particularly LED ones, are popular in commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants, events, weddings, and parties. They can create a warm and inviting atmosphere without the need for candles or electrical outlets.

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