10 ways to use fairy lights around your home all year- copper fairy lights along a mantlepiece

10 Ways to Use Fairy Lights Around Your Home

Do you love the beautiful glow you get from your Christmas string lighting? Does the house always feel bare when you take all of your decorative lights down in the new year? Sparkly lights create such a lovely warm light, have you ever considered keeping them up and having that magic glow all year around? Here's 10 fairy light ideas to use around your house all year.

Fairy lights aren’t just a string of lights on a cable anymore, there are so many different types of LED string lights in our collection to choose from and they can look just as lovely off, as they do when they are on. Decorating with fairy lights can make such a difference to any space.

If there isn't a plug available for Plug In Fairy Lights, Battery Operated Fairy Lights are a perfect alternative and allows you use them wherever you want.

So if you want that SPARKLE back in your life but are not sure what to do with string lighting in your house after Christmas, here are 10 way to decorate with fairy lights.

1.Use Twinkly Lights Along A Bannister and Light The Way To Bed 6. Add Twinkly Lights to the Ceiling
2. Frame Your Mirror with Lights  7. Display Photos or Pictures with Clip Lights
3. Display along a Mantelpiece 8. Hang them above Bifold or Sliding Doors
4. Fill Empty Vases, Bottles or Jars 9. Spell Words with Lights
5. Make a Feature of Furniture  10. Create a Gorgeous Table Centre or Console Table Display


1. Use Twinkly Lights Along A Bannister and Light The Way To Bed

Stair lights indoor

Sparkle's Copper Fairy Lights

If you’ve got a dark hallway or just want a bit of SPARKLE as you’re going up and down the stairs, try wrapping string lights around your banister. They gives the most wonderful glow to a space you probably never pay attention to. You can either use mains string lights or battery operated string lights if you don’t have a plug socket close by. Our copper or silver fairy lights are perfect to use as staircase lights as they have a bendable wire so you can easily manipulate them around the shape of your banister.

 2. Frame Your Mirror with Lights 

Fairy lights around a mirror

Eucalyptus Gold Fairy Lights

Have you always dreamed of looking in one of those mirrors you see in the movies with lights around the edge? Well, the same effect can be created by hanging a string of lights around the edge of a mirror to give you a warm glow every time you look in it. You also have the added benefit of the lights reflecting in the mirror and creating double the SPARKLE in the room. Adorn your mirror with our Eucalyptus Fairy Lights, Starburst Silver Fairy Lights or Copper Fairy Lights for an elegant and decorative look, even when switched off. 

 3. Display along a Mantelpiece

 Confetti string lights along a mantlepiece in a colourful living room

Confetti Fairy Lights    📷 @number30eight

If you have a mantelpiece in your home, this is the perfect place to display some twinkly lights. At Christmas time, we cover the mantelpiece with garlands, candles and lights so why not make a feature of the mantelpiece the rest of the year. My particular favourite are the Confetti Fairy Lights as they bring colour and sparkle to a room and help create a joyful focal point.

Another idea to consider if you have a fireplace but not an actual fire is to intertwine a few strands of lights around some logs and make it an attractive feature that will look stylish in the day but will also give a lovely warm glow in the evening. 

  4. Fill Empty Vases, Bottles or Jars

Copper fairy lights in a demijohn 

Copper Fairy Lights

Like me, you probably have a few empty vases around the house that aren’t always in use unless you are lucky enough to get some flowers. Empty glass vases or even glass bottles or kilner jars are perfect to use with battery operated string lights and can create the feel of having another light in the room without a free standing floor lamp or table lamp. You can also use them in the bottom of vases with dried floral arrangements too, to add a bit of extra SPARKLE to the display. We have lots of battery powered string lights to choose from, the copper & silver fairy lights are perfect for creating this type of look.

Check our step by step how to create glass lamps with fairy lights tutorial.

 5. Make a Feature of Furniture 

 Pom Pom string lights around an egg chair

Pom Pom Fairy Lights

Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that you would like to make a feature of? You might perhaps have a vintage cabinet displaying all your favourite crockery, an upcycled wardrobe or even a hanging chair. Drape a decorative string of lights across the top and around the edges and create a stunning focal point in your home. Our best-selling Pom Pom Lights shown here, have a neutral finish so can be used with any colour scheme. They also give the most wonderful warm cosy glow.

 6. Add Twinkly Lights to the Ceiling

string lights on ceiling

If you really want to feel like you are sitting under the stars at night, string lighting can be hung from the ceiling to create a stunning canopy of lights. Shown here, our Silver Fairy Lights have been used to create the most magical  effect. The silver wire lights are so light that you'll find it easy to put them up and not have the worry of them falling down because of the weight. If you don’t want to make lights on the ceiling a permanent feature in your house, consider hanging them above a dining table for a really special occasion and make it feel like you are eating under the stars. 

 7.Display Photos or Pictures with Clip Lights

 Clip string lights in a kitchen

Lights with clips

Do you have a wall of your favourite photos at home? Make even more of a feature of these by using fairy lights to illuminate them on the wall. Alternatively, if you have photos that you would like to hang somewhere but don’t have any frames, why not try using our String Lights with Clips. These lights are so multifaceted and can be hung up across a wall or even on a display board and the clips can be used to hang photos, artwork, cards, invites and more.

8. Hang them above Bifold or Sliding Doors

 pom pom string lights along sliding doors

Pom pom lights

Bifold or patio doors might give you the most lovely outlook during the day but without blinds in the evening they can be very dark. Try adding string lighting across the top of the doors to give a lovely warm feeling to the room at night. The Pom Pom Lights in particular also look lovely in the day even when they’re switched off.

 9. Spell Words with Lights

Word written in wire fairy lights on a wall

Silver Fairy Lights     📷 @pinterest

Why not create your own letter lights by using wire lights to spell words on the wall. This also means you can be as creative as you want with the words and change them to suit your mood. You could spell the word ‘Love’ or even just make a heart shape which would be equally as impactful. Our mains wire fairy lights are perfect for creating this look and can be left on all the time to highlight this wall art.

10. Create a Gorgeous Table Centre or Console Table Display

 Copper starburst fairy lights along a console table

Copper Starburst Lights     📷 @alittlecrib

This is one of the first places that I started using String lighting. I had been out for dinner at a restaurant and loved the glow that the fairy lights gave to the table. The next time we had friends for dinner, I decorated the table with a string of battery operated fairy lights, candles and sparkly gems and had so many lovely comments. I now have a few different sets of fairy lights that I use for different occasions and also add different accessories to the table depending on the season. COVID has meant that we have all spent more time staying in, rather than eating out, so why not make a feature of your table and make another night in, feel that bit more like a special occasion. 

So there you go…

10 fairy lighting ideas to use around your house. I hope that this has given you lots of decorating ideas with fairy lights. I have no doubt that once you start adding that touch of SPARKLE, that it won’t be long before your house is filled with them and it won’t just be at Christmas that you have those twinkly lights up. We have so many fun lights for you to explore.

And, for a dose of visual inspiration, check out our YouTube video below, where we demonstrate how to style fairy lights to perfection. Get ready to bring these enchanting ideas to life in your own home!

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