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Starburst silver string lights
Silver starburst fairy lights around a mirror
Starburst Silver Fairy Lights
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star fairy lights
glittery lights
Glittery Star Fairy Lights
Star Curtain Lights - sparkle.lighting
Star Curtain Lights - sparkle.lighting
Star Curtain Lights
gold star fairy lights
gold star string lights
Gold Star Wire Fairy Lights
Copper starburst indoor fairy lights
copper starburst fairy lights around a mirror
Starburst Copper Fairy Lights
From £25.95
gold star wreath
gold star wreath
Gold Star Circle
Colourful Star Lights
multicoloured star fairy lights
Colourful Star Lights

Star Fairy Lights from Sparkle Lighting

Explore our collection of star fairy lights and discover a variety of designs and finishes to suit your style and preferences. Whether you're decorating your home, preparing for a wedding or party, or celebrating a special occasion, our star fairy lights are the perfect choice.

Easy to install, these LED star fairy lights offer a hassle-free way to create a new look in your home. Transform any room with their gentle glow, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance.

From holiday decorations to wedding parties, events, and birthday celebrations, our star string lights are versatile and can enhance any occasion. With a variety of items available in different color schemes, you can find the perfect star fairy lights to complement your decor.

Let the magic of our Star Fairy Lights Collection fill your space with radiant light and create an enchanting atmosphere that shines all year long.


Are star fairy lights just for Christmas?

No star fairy lights are not just for Christmas, they are perfect for using as indoor lights all year and will bring warm cosy glow to any room that you use them in either at home or for a special event.

Where to use star fairy lights?

Star fairy lights are perfect to use in living rooms, kitchens and are great as night lights or decorations for kids and teenage bedrooms too.

How do star fairy lights work?

Star fairy lights normally work with LED technology. Star fairy lights either work on batteries or as plug in. They come in a range of designs.