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Christmas Tree Lights
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Christmas Fairy Lights
Christmas Table Lights and Decorations
Christmas Table Lights and Decorations
Illuminate your home for the festive season with our hand picked indoor Christmas lights to bring a sophisticated warm glow to your special space. Our extensive range includes enchanting Christmas light up decorations, curtain lights, fairy lights, hanging lights, LED candles, star lights, and decorative wall lights.
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table mesh star on Christmas tablescape
Table Mesh Star Silver
Table Mesh Star
Table Tree Light White
Table Tree Light Gold
Table Tree Light
Christmas Tree Green Lights
Christmas Tree Green Lights
From $33
Wire Reindeer Brown
Wire Reindeer Brown Medium
Wire Brown Reindeer With Lights
From $30
Wire Reindeer Gold
Wire Reindeer Gold Medium
Wire Gold Reindeer With Lights
From $30
berry branch eucalyptus garland at the Christmas table
berry branch eucalyptus garland at the Christmas table close up
Berry Branch Eucalyptus Garland
 black wire pre-lit tree
wispy black wire tree beside the fireplace
Black Wire Pre-Lit Tree
Star curtain in window
Star curtain icicles plain background
8 Star Curtain Lights
star curtain outdoor lights by the window
star curtain outdoor lights
11 Star Curtain Outdoor Lights
Sphere with lights -
Sphere with lights -
Sphere With Lights
silver cluster fairy lights
Silver Cluster Fairy Lights
jewel cluster fairy lights around a glass
jewel cluster fairy lights around a glass close up
Jewel Cluster Fairy Lights
From $39


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Indoor Christmas Lights from Sparkle Lighting

Transform your home into a winter wonderland with our stunning Indoor Christmas Lights Collection. This extensive collection features a wide array of products, including Christmas light up decorations, curtain lights, fairy lights, hanging lights, LED candles, star lights and decorative wall lights.

Deck the halls and create a festive atmosphere with our Christmas decorative lighting that bring the holiday spirit to life. From mesmerising curtain lights to whimsical Christmas fairy lights, captivating hanging lights, cosy LED candles, celestial star lights, and captivating wall decorative lights, our collection offers an beautiful array of options to create the perfect atmosphere at home this Christmas.

Embrace the joy and enchantment of the holiday season with Sparkle Lighting's Indoor Christmas Lights Collection. Illuminate your home with festive brilliance and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let our Christmas LED indoor lightings bring the magic of Christmas to every corner of your home, filling your spaces with warmth, cheer, and a sense of wonder.

Check out all of our Christmas Lights or you may be interested in our Outdoor Christmas Lights.

LED Technology- safe and cool to the touch

Indoor & Outdoor Use- IP44 rated so waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of indoor Christmas lights do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of indoor Christmas lights to make your holiday season merry and bright. Our collection includes star lights, fairy lights, curtain lights, hanging lights, LED candles, and decorative lighted figures. Each option is designed to add warmth and charm to your indoor Christmas decorations.

How can I incorporate indoor Christmas lights into my holiday decor?

Indoor Christmas lights offer endless possibilities for festive decor. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

- Wrap string lights around your Christmas tree, creating a dazzling centerpiece for your living room.
- Hang fairy lights across windows or along stair railings to add a magical glow to your home.
- Place lit figures or ornaments as eye-catching accents on shelves or tabletops.
- Use a mixture of indoor Christmas lights on your Christmas table.
- It is also nice to use Christmas lights in other rooms in your home like kitchens, halls and even bedrooms.

Can indoor Christmas lights be used outside?

No, it is not recommended to use indoor Christmas lights outside. Indoor lights are not designed to withstand the elements and may be damaged by exposure to moisture and varying temperatures. If you need lights for both indoor and outdoor use, make sure to purchase lights specifically labeled as suitable for both environments. Some of our lights are at least IP44 which means that they are water & weatherproof and can be used outside all year.

What kind of lights can you use for Christmas in your house?

For Christmas indoors, a variety of lights can create a festive atmosphere. Consider options like string lights, fairy lights, and cluster lights. Choose warm white or multicolored bulbs to suit your decor. Battery-operated lights offer flexibility in placement without the need for electrical outlets. Additionally, LED lights are energy-efficient and emit minimal heat, making them a safe choice for indoor use.

How to hang Christmas lights around the inside of your house?

Hanging indoor Christmas lights inside your house can be a fun and creative process. Start by planning your design, considering areas like mantels, windows, and walls. Use adhesive hooks or clips designed for indoor use to avoid damage. Begin at one end of the area you want to decorate and gently drape or secure the lights in place. Be mindful of not stretching the wires too tightly, and ensure the lights are evenly distributed for a balanced and festive look.