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Fairy Lights from Sparkle Lighting


Find the perfect fairy lights to bring sparkle to your home or special event.
Make a statement and create a warm and inviting space with LED fairy light either in your home or for special occasions including weddings & parties. Our beautiful range of LED fairy lights are the perfect decoration. 

 Indoor or outdoor fairy lights available as plug in, battery operated or solar fairy lights.

Lots of items available in different lengths and designs including everything from classic white, coloured confetti, copper wire and fun pom pom twinkly lights.

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What are Fairy Lights?

Fairy lights are delicate and enchanting string lights that create a whimsical and magical atmosphere. They are typically composed of small LED bulbs attached to a thin, flexible wire, allowing for versatile and creative uses in various settings.

How can I use Fairy Lights in my decor?

Fairy lights offer endless possibilities for adding charm and ambiance to your decor. Here are a few popular uses:

- Wrap them around your Christmas tree for a captivating holiday display.
- Create a magical backdrop by draping Fairy Lights behind curtains or along walls.
- Adorn mirrors, photo frames, or headboards with Fairy Lights for a whimsical touch.
- Fill glass jars, vases, or lanterns with Fairy Lights for beautiful centerpieces.
- Hang them outdoors to light up your garden, patio, or porch for special occasions or everyday enchantment.

Explore our blog for 10 delightful ways to use fairy lights in your decor. Click here to embark on a journey of magical inspiration!

Are the Fairy Lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, many of our Fairy Lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it's important to check the product descriptions or consult our customer support team to ensure that the specific Fairy Lights you choose are suitable for outdoor applications. Outdoor Fairy Lights are weather-resistant and able to withstand outdoor conditions while still providing stunning illumination.

How do I power the Fairy Lights?

Our Fairy Lights can be powered either by batteries or by plugging them into a power outlet, depending on the specific design. Battery-operated Fairy Lights offer flexibility in placement, while plug-in Fairy Lights provide a constant power source. The power source details are mentioned in the product descriptions, allowing you to choose the Fairy Lights that best suit your needs.

Can I use Fairy Lights for outdoor parties or festive gatherings?

Absolutely! Fairy Lights are perfect for outdoor parties and festive gatherings. They can be draped over pergolas, wrapped around trees, or hung from canopies to create a magical outdoor setting. Make sure to choose Fairy Lights specifically designed for outdoor use, as they are weather-resistant and durable.

How do you hang fairy lights indoors?

You can use tacks to attach them around a mirror, a picture or a mantlepiece. If you want to hang them along a wall or above bi-fold doors then you can use clear hooks that stick to a wall wherever you need them. You can also wrap them around a bed or bannister.

Do fairy lights use a lot of electricity?

The average home has their fairy lights on for six hours per day from when it gets dark until when they go to bed.If your lights were left on for six hours a day, with the electricity unit price now at 34p per kWh, that means the daily cost to run fairy lights would be 16p per day.

What is the difference between LED lights and fairy lights?

LED lights are very similar to traditional fairy lights except that they do not have a filament inside the bulb that can burn out and make the set redundant. The main benefit of LED lights is that they are hard-wearing and they don’t get hot.

Are fairy lights waterproof?

Yes some fairy lights are waterproof and can be used inside and outside the home. You can look at the individual product description to find out more.

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