Your Guide on Buying Festoon Lights and Transforming Your Outdoor Space in 2024 -

Your Guide on Buying Festoon Lights and Transforming Your Outdoor Space in 2024

Discover the best ways to use festoon lights in your garden, from choosing the right type to arranging and hanging them effortlessly.

As the sun sets and the stars emerge, your outdoor space transforms into a realm of magic and allure. At Sparkle Lighting, we believe in enhancing this enchanting experience with the captivating glow of Festoon Lights. Let me, Thalia, share with you the passion and vision behind Sparkle Lighting, as we embark on a journey to illuminate your outdoor haven with festoon lighting, ensuring every moment under the night sky is filled with warmth and charm.

For me, outdoor living isn't just a lifestyle; it's a philosophy—a way of embracing nature's beauty and infusing it with our own sense of style and creativity. It's about creating a space where memories are made, laughter is shared, and connections are deepened. That's why, when we founded Sparkle Lighting in 2019, it was with a mission to bring the magic of outdoor lighting into every home and garden, one festoon light at a time.

Outdoor living is a wonderful experience for the heart and soul, but what about when the sun sets? Have you ever admired the inviting ambiance of pub garden lights?

Whether you're planning a garden party, event, or wedding, Festoon Lights can beautifully illuminate your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy it even after dark.

This complete guide will explore the best ways to use Festoon Lights in your garden, offering insights into available options, such as different lengths, styles, and types of bulbs.

1. Choosing the Right Festoon Outdoor Lights
2. Best Outdoor Festoon Lighting for Your Space
3. Arranging Festoon Lighting
4. Determining the Number of Festoon Lights
5. Hanging Festoon Garden Lights

1. Choosing the Right Festoon Outdoor Lights

To start, consider where you intend to place the lights and if there is a power source nearby. This will help you decide between plug-in or battery-powered festoon lights. Remember, extension cables can always be used to reach a power source.

Additionally, determine the color of light you prefer, such as multi-colored, cool white, or warm white festoon lighting.

2. Best Outdoor Festoon Lighting for Your Space

There are several options to consider when selecting festoon lights for your garden. Here are a few recommendations based on their applications:

  • Outdoor Festoon Lights: Ideal for illuminating a patio, fence, or wall, these standard festoon lights come in various lengths, including 5m and 10m.
festoons over a table
  • Drop Bulb Festoon Lights: Perfect for hanging from a pergola or above a seating area, these lights create a charming atmosphere.
Drop bulb festoon lights hung from a pergola
  • Connectable Festoon Lights: Great for covering larger areas, these lights allow you to add extra sets and customize the length according to your space.

Connectable festoon lights

White Connectable Festoon Lights

3. Arranging Festoon Lighting

You have the freedom to arrange your festoon lights in different ways, depending on your preference. Consider these popular configurations:

  • Straight Line: Arrange the lights along a wall or fence in a straight line.

  • V, X, or Z Shape: Create a visually appealing arrangement by hanging the lights in a V, X, or Z shape above a seating area or across your entire garden.

4. Determining the Number of Festoon Lights

To determine the quantity of festoon lights needed, consider where you plan to use them and the desired shape of the arrangement.

Lay out the string lights exactly where you want them, measuring the required length by placing them on the floor.

5. Hanging Festoon Garden Lights

Festoon string lights are excellent for DIY garden projects and are easy to install. Consider the following methods for hanging festoon lights in your outdoor area:

  • Pergola Installation: Locate the power plug and safely bring the lights towards the pergola. Attach and run the cable up the nearest leg of the structure. Use existing lines or create your own pattern using cup hooks, zip ties, velcro, or strong string to attach the festoon lights.
Fairy lights & festoon lights hung from a pergola


Drop bulb festoon lights & copper cluster fairy lights @pandora.maxton 

  • Fence or Wall Hanging: Attach cup hooks or cable ties every meter along the fence or wall and then hang the festoon lights. This method is perfect for illuminating your garden or creating a cozy seating area.
Edison bulb festoon lights on a wall and fence
Edison Bulb Connectable Festoon Lights @thehouseofdickenstocks

  • Table Decor: Install festoon light posts at each end of the table to hang the lights above. This creates a beautiful atmosphere for outdoor dining.

Festoon lighting hung above an outdoor table

Globe Connectable Festoon Lights

  • Patio or Decking: Determine your power socket's location and the desired shape of your festoon lights. Utilize existing structures like the house wall or trees. Alternatively, use festoon light poles or concrete-filled buckets strategically placed for a more versatile and intricate design.

Patio festoon lights
Classic Bulb Festoon Lights

Transforming your outdoor space with festoon lighting can create a magical atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your garden even after sunset.

By considering the various types of festoon lights available and following the installation tips provided, you can elevate your outdoor experience.

Visit our Festoon Lights Collection to find the perfect lighting option for your outdoor space.