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8 Ways To Hang Festoon Lighting In Your Outdoor Space in 2024

Discover how these festoon lights can transform your outdoor area into a captivating oasis, where every gathering is memorable and every evening is enchanting.

Step into a world where outdoor spaces come alive with the soft, inviting glow of festoon lights, turning ordinary gardens into enchanting retreats. Welcome to Sparkle Lighting, where dreams of illuminated landscapes come true, and every corner sparkles with warmth and charm.

I'm Thalia Shaw, the founder of Sparkle Lighting, and I'm passionate about bringing joy and radiance to outdoor spaces through the magic of festoon lights. With a keen eye for design and a love for creating inviting atmospheres, I embarked on a journey to curate a collection of festoon lights that elevate outdoor ambiance to new heights.

Festoon lights, also known as string lights or cafe lights, are a beloved addition to any outdoor setting. Characterised by their charming appearance and warm glow, festoon lights create a captivating atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a peaceful evening under the stars. From cosy pergolas to lush greenhouses, festoon lights have the power to transform any outdoor space into a captivating oasis.

Join me as we explore eight creative ways to hang festoon lighting in your outdoor area, each idea sparking inspiration and inviting you to infuse your garden with warmth and style.

Whether you're looking to illuminate a pergola, fence, patio, or greenhouse, these ideas will inspire you to transform your outdoor area into a captivating oasis.

1. Entwine along the beams of a pergola  5. Deck out a greenhouse or conservatory
2. Display along on a fence or wall 6. Frame a feature point
3. Hang above a table 7. Use as task lighting in an outdoor kitchen
4.  Hang above a patio or deck 8. Light the way along a path

1. Entwine drop bulb festoon lights along the beams of a pergola

Hanging festoon lights from a pergola is a simple and effective way to create a cozy ambiance.

Start by identifying the nearest power plug and safely running the cable towards the pergola.

Attach the cable to the nearest leg of the pergola using cup hooks, zip ties, velcro, or strong string.

Follow the existing line of the beams or create your own pattern to display the festoon lights.

Fairy lights & festoon lights hung from a pergola
         Drop bulb festoon lights & copper cluster fairy lights @pandora.maxton 

2. Display connectable Edison bulb festoon lights along on a fence or wall

If you want to hang garden festoon lights on a fence:
Attach some cup hooks or cable ties -depending on the style of fence every meter and then attach your lights. This will light your garden up beautifully. You can either hang them the full length of a fence or around a seating area as shown below.

If you would like to hang your garden festoon lights on a wall:
You need to have something like a trellis to attach them to or to drill in cup hooks at regular intervals to attach them along the wall.

Edison bulb festoon lights on a wall and fence
Edison Bulb Connectable Festoon Lights @thehouseofdickenstocks

3. Hang large globe connectable festoon lights above a table

Add a touch of enchantment to your outdoor dining experience by hanging festoon lights above a table.

Install festoon light posts at each end of the table to serve as anchor points for the lights, creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings and memorable meals.

Festoon lighting hung above an outdoor tableGlobe Connectable Festoon Lights

4.  Hang a classic festoon lights above a patio or deck

Transform your patio or deck into an inviting space by hanging festoon lights.

Determine the location of your power socket and plan the shape you want to create with the lights.

Utilize existing structures, such as the wall of your house or trees, as anchor points.

Alternatively, use poles specifically designed for festoon lights to achieve your desired look.

If you're working on a hard surface, consider using concrete-filled buckets as stable bases for the poles, allowing for flexible and intricate designs.

Patio festoon lightsLED Festoon Lights

5. Deck out a greenhouse or conservatory with drop bulb festoon lights

Make a bold statement by incorporating festoon lights into your greenhouse or conservatory.

Choose whether to hang the lights along the ceiling or the top of the walls, depending on the desired effect.

Install hooks along the top of the wall or ceiling to attach the festoon lighting securely.

Drop bulb festoon lights in a conservatoryDrop bulb festoon lights

6. Frame a feature point with small bulb festoon lights


Highlight architectural features or focal points in your outdoor space with festoon lights.

Create a frame around an arch, statue, or other points of interest using hooks or cable ties to attach the lights.

This technique adds a captivating glow and draws attention to the unique elements of your garden.

Festoon Lighting around an arch
Garden Festoon Lights

7. Use festoon lights as task lighting in an outdoor kitchen

Illuminate your outdoor kitchen with festoon lights, enhancing both functionality and ambiance.

Hang the lights along the full kitchen area, ensuring proper lighting where it's needed most. 

This practical yet stylish choice will brighten up your cooking and entertaining experiences.

Festoon Lighting in Outdoor Kitchen Area
LED Festoon Lights @firststepontheladder

8. Light the way along a path with rounded bulb festoon lights

Guide your footsteps with the gentle glow of festoon lights along a garden path.

Measure the length of the path and choose the appropriate festoon lights.

Secure poles along the path to drape the lights and create an enchanting walkway.

Festoon lights along a path
Rounded Bulb Festoon Lights

In the world of outdoor ambiance, festoon lights become the charming touch that transforms your garden into a captivating getaway. Each idea we've uncovered above is a hint of inspiration, inviting you to light up your outdoor area with a mix of warmth and style. Remember that festoon lights aren't just light sources; they set the mood, turning ordinary gardens into extraordinary outdoor retreats.

Ready to infuse your outdoor space with sparkle? Explore our complete Festoon Lights Collection to discover a diverse range of options, ensuring you find the perfect lights that harmonise with your style and vision. With a touch of creativity and the right hanging method, festoon lights have the power to redefine your outdoor space and turn it into a captivating retreat.

Let the possibilities inspire you as you choose the lights that will transform your outdoor area into an oasis of charm and allure. Your enchanted garden awaits—click now to discover your perfect festoon lights!