Sparkle Lighting's Empowering Journey with Buy Women Built -

Sparkle Lighting's Empowering Journey with Buy Women Built

In the realm of great founders, women have long been trailblazers, yet their names often go unnoticed. 

Buy Women Built is more than just a movement; it's a roar of empowerment that redefines the narrative of women in business. Sparkle Lighting's participation in Buy Women Built exemplifies the profound impact women can have when they dare to dream and disrupt the status quo.

Sparkle Lighting and Buy Women Built
Thalia Shaw's love for lighting led her to create a bespoke collection of pretty lights from outdoor lighting to indoor lighting, handpicked with care and love. With its acceptance into the Buy Women Built programme, her brand embrace a movement that showcases the extraordinary brands built by women.
Thalia Shaw

Women entrepreneurs don't just reimagine what's possible; they create forward-thinking, disruptive, and exciting products with a personal touch. Supporting women-built brands empowers a brighter future, where female entrepreneurs are celebrated for their brilliance and business acumen. 

Be a part of the transformative movement and submit your brand to Buy Women Built. Join a community that harnesses consumer spending to create a fairer, stronger society.

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