Sparkle Lighting's Remarkable Journey to 50% Growth -

Sparkle Lighting's Remarkable Journey to 50% Growth

Sparkle Lighting's Remarkable Journey to 50% Growth

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, navigating the path to success often involves a combination of innovation, determination, and, crucially, seeking guidance from experienced mentors.

Thalia Shaw, the founder of the online boutique Sparkle Lighting, is a testament to this winning formula. Recently featured in The Times, Sparkle Lighting is poised to achieve a remarkable 50% growth this year, a testament to Shaw's strategic approach and the invaluable support she has received.

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Trusted Expert Advice from Digital Boost

Thalia Shaw understands the importance of reliable advice in the ever-evolving landscape of business. Acknowledging the role of trusted experts, she engaged with Mastercard's Strive UK program partner, Digital Boost, to address specific challenges in her social media marketing strategy. Reflecting on the experience, Shaw notes, "Digital Boost was brilliant when I had a specific problem to tackle, like Google Ads." This initial collaboration laid the foundation for her ongoing journey towards success.

This year, she focuses on user experience (UX), leveraging Digital Boost for refining her website navigation. "I've had calls with mentors about UX; one guy was particularly helpful—he works for a big tech company," Shaw shares, emphasizing the abundance of support available through such initiatives.

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Be the Business's Mentoring Program

This year, Thalia Shaw discovered another gem in her quest for knowledge and growth—Be the Business's mentoring program. Embracing the guidance of a dedicated mentor, Shaw now benefits from monthly sessions that delve deeper into understanding her business. The mentor's insights extend beyond conventional advice, encouraging Shaw to get closer to her business's numbers and providing essential financial templates for meticulous planning. "It's enabled me to plan much better and see where the business is going," she attests.

Thalia Shaw attributes much of her confidence to the enriching conversations facilitated by Mastercard's Strive UK program. She notes, "Sometimes the experts don't have the answer either, but the ability to discuss it and bounce ideas around can help you clarify what you need to do. There's always someone you can talk to." This culture of open dialogue and collaboration underscores the strength of community and mentorship in the entrepreneurial journey.

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In the midst of the current economic climate, Thalia Shaw's success with Sparkle Lighting stands as a shining example of how strategic mentorship, combined with the right educational initiatives, can illuminate the path to significant growth.

As Sparkle Lighting continues to shine brighter, its story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the intricate landscape of business.