Energy Saving Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Energy Saving Lighting Ideas for Your Home

With the evenings drawing in, and many of us conscious of managing energy consumption with the current cost of living crisis, there are some fantastic energy efficient lighting options that’ll create a cosy and inviting living space.

LED String Fairy Lights are not just for Christmas

Not only do a string of fairy lights add a touch of sparkle and a magical glow to any space in your home, their low wattage means they use a fraction of the energy of an incandescent or halogen bulb used in a traditional ceiling light or  table lamp.

energy efficient LED string fairy lighting

Our tear drop shaped Warm White Fairy Lights compliment any wall colour and look perfect when placed along a  mantlepiece, window sill, or any corner of your home that needs brightening up.

energy efficient battery powered string fairy lights

As with our beautiful statement Starburst Silver Fairy Lights, these also have a built in timer, an ideal energy saving solution for people prone to forgetting to turn off their lights when leaving the house or snoozing on the sofa!

Rest easy with low energy kids bedroom night lights

We all know how young children find the soft glow of a bedroom wall light or table top night light comforting when drifting off at bedtime, or when waking during the night. But with the possibility of these running for 11 hours or more each evening, many spending savvy parents are looking for energy efficient lighting alternatives that are also a fun and decorative addition to their child’s bedroom.

White & pink cotton ball lights

Our pink and blue cotton ball string fairy lights create a beautiful warm glow and a splash of colour to any bedroom or nursery. Not only are these LED lights low wattage and energy saving, the cotton cage design that encases these string lights also makes them very safe to touch.

childrens star battery operated night light

For a bedside table or chest of drawers option, our freestanding amber LED star night light is fitted with a built-in timer to reduce energy usage. It’s also battery operated, making it perfectly portable to move from room to room, and extremely energy efficient.

Enjoy the romantic glow of Flameless LED Candles

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down in the evening and enjoying the soft, soothing light of a candle.  

LED battery powered flame effect pillar candle

Not only are flameless LED battery powered candles a safer choice for any home, our true-to-life flicker effect trio of LED candles and  3-wick pillar candles also come with a remote control and built-in timer, giving your home a cosy, romantic vibe at the touch of a button.

Cut the Cord (and the cost) with Battery Operated Table Lamps

If you’re looking to brighten up a dark corner a touch of glamour to a dining table or console table, our beautiful ribbed glass cordless table lamps are an elegant addition to any home.

cordless battery powered table lamps

Available in navy blue or olive green, this table top light is battery powered, giving you the flexibility to move from room to room, and even enjoy outside in the warmer months.

Looking for more inspiration for energy saving lighting options for your home?

Whether you're looking for energy efficient LED lights to dress your home, or to brighten your garden and outdoor space, we offer an extensive selection of indoor lights and outdoor garden LED and solar lights to suit every home and budget. 

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