Sparkle Lighting | Online lighting boutique

Sparkle Lighting | Online lighting boutique

Why Sparkle?

 There are lots of reasons why I decided to launch Sparkle lighting..

Sparkle Lighting- Lighting boutique

 I am a Mum of two boys and was working in a full on, full time job which included commuting three hours. I wanted something more flexible around the boys so that I could be around but also wanted my own project.


I love interiors and when we were renovating our own home, it was hard to find affordable lighting that we loved.  We searched for a long time and ended up visiting countless specialist lighting shops to find what we wanted. In some cases we simply couldn’t find what we wanted anywhere and had to settle for what was on offer.


We’d find a lamp base that we loved but then struggle to find the right lampshade to go with it, or we’d find a pendant then be unable to find the right bulb.


We want to bring Sparkle to every home through our products, our services and through that warmth that lighting can bring.


We decided that we wanted to create a premium specialist lighting boutique online, offering a hand picked selection of lights and accessories. We have launched with lighting from some of our own personal favourites in  Scandi, Boho & Modern styles but we have plans for lots more…


So when we offer you a lamp base, we have the perfect partner section below with a selection of lampshades that will work perfectly or an exposed bulb pendant light with a selection of beautiful decorative light bulbs.


We also have a ‘goes with’ section so we can suggest products that will work well together so that you can create your own look at home.


Please do get in touch if you have any questions or need any additional information. We really would love to help. 





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