Sparkle Lighting's Interview with Sarah from Hearts at Claremont -

Sparkle Lighting's Interview with Sarah from Hearts at Claremont

Sparkle Lighting's Interview with Sarah from Hearts at Claremont

Looking to give your home a stunning makeover? Look no further than Sarah from Hearts at Claremont on Instagram, @hearts_at_claremont!

Her home, styling, and feed are absolutely mesmerising. Sarah has turned her Edwardian house into an inspiring space with a neutral colour palette and a touch of pink that will leave you in awe.

I couldn't have been more thrilled when Sarah agreed to an interview with Sparkle. She shared her insights on home decor, her top styling tips, and even her favourite products from Sparkle Lighting. Get ready to be inspired!

Discovering Sarah's Interior Style

When asked how she would describe her interior style, Sarah replied, "Modern country with French and Scandinavian vibes." Her unique blend of styles creates a charming and cosy atmosphere that feels both familiar and refreshing.

Uncovering Sarah's Love for her Home

One thing that truly captivates Sarah about her home is the abundance of windows. Natural light floods the space, making even the dullest days feel bright and inviting. It's truly a sanctuary that offers a sense of peace and serenity.

Large window in kitchen with pom pom lights around the edge

Exploring Sarah's Sources of Inspiration and Top Tips

Drawing inspiration from the finest sources, Sarah curates her style through Pinterest, Instagram, and the pages of interior magazines.

Her top tip for home styling is as enchanting as her space itself: "Keep it simple - clutter = mess, and mess = stress! Embrace fresh flowers, candles, and the allure of fairy lights to infuse your home with inviting and cosy vibes."

Bedroom set up at hearts at claremont with fairy lights, candles and fresh flowers

Decorative Lighting Ideas from Sarah

She is a true enthusiast for decorative lighting, especially fairy lights. She loves to use them in every room of her home, as well as in her garden.

From creating a cosy ambiance indoors to adding a touch of magic outside at nighttime, her love for fairy lights knows no bounds. Her family even calls her the "queen of fairy lights"!

pom pom lights around a window

Sarah's Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Favourites

Among Sparkle Lighting's impressive range of indoor lights, Sarah's top pick is the delightful pom pom lights. She has them beautifully adorning her kitchen window all year round, bringing a touch of whimsy and joy to her space.

For outdoor lighting, Sarah's go-to choice from Sparkle Lighting is the enchanting fairy lights. These lights have transformed her garden room into a magical oasis, making evenings outside truly special.

A Surprising Fact About Sarah

Unveiling a hidden gem about herself, Sarah confesses, "I used to be a solicitor! Interior styling and Instagram styling have been my full-time passion for the last 2 years, and I haven't looked back." A true testament to following one's heart and finding true joy in the creative realm.

Intrigued? Fall under Sarah's spell and venture into her captivating world of interior styling by following @hearts_at_claremont on Instagram. And guess what? Sarah has recently launched on TikTok too!

So, what are you waiting for? Let the fairy lights guide your way to a world of inspiration and wonder.