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A Glimpse into Eclectic Lighting Styles of Susan Roe

A Glimpse into Eclectic Lighting Styles of Susan Roe

When it comes to home decor, lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and ambiance of a space. Today, we sit down with the talented influencer, Susan Roe, whose Instagram account @myedwardianhouse is a testament to her impeccable taste in lighting and interior design. Join us as Susan shares her insights on interior styling, her love for decorative lighting, and her favorite Sparkle Lighting fixtures.

Susan's Interior Style: Eclectic and Ever-Evolving

As we step into Susan's enchanting world of interior design, she warmly describes her unique style as eclectic, a blend of tradition and contemporary charm.

Her home, which she lovingly refers to as "her," exudes an inviting aura that's both warm and ever-evolving. It's a place where history and modernity seamlessly intertwine, making every visit a captivating journey through time.

Top Tips for Styling Your Home

She encourages homeowners to follow their instincts and be true to themselves. Susan believes that chasing trends can often lead to costly mistakes and that the key to creating a harmonious living space lies in authenticity.

She's a firm advocate of layering, using color to add depth, and the practice of "shopping your home." A mischievous glint in her eye appears as she confesses to her guilty pleasure—taking items from different rooms and giving them a new home, a habit that occasionally drives her husband to distraction.

A living room with candles and a fireplace.

For Susan, lighting is the secret ingredient to crafting cosy spaces. She strongly advises against the harsh glare of overhead lights, advocating for softer, more atmospheric illumination.

Sparkle Lighting Favorites

When asked about her favorite Sparkle indoor lights, Susan's enthusiasm is palpable. She confesses her strong preference for battery-operated cordless lights, delighting in their freedom from unsightly cords and plugs. Her eyes sparkle with excitement as she imagines filling her entire house with these illuminating gems.

Her love for Sparkle Lighting isn't confined to indoor spaces alone; she's equally smitten with our outdoor lighting offerings.

Susan expresses her affection for Sparkle's silver fairy lights, festoon lighting, and the enchanting dandelion lights, revealing her keen eye for creating magical outdoor atmospheres.

Getting to Know Susan: Makeup Artist Turned Influencer

As our conversation takes a surprising turn, Susan reveals a hidden facet of her life. "Something you may not know about me is I trained as a makeup artist!" she shares with a mischievous grin. This revelation adds another layer to her multifaceted persona, showcasing her creative talents beyond interior design and lighting.

Susan Roe
Susan Roe @ myedwardianhouse

Susan Roe's passion for lighting and interior design is a captivating journey through eclectic styles and the power of illumination. With her appreciation for Sparkle Lighting and her ability to infuse magic into every corner of her home, Susan is truly an influencer worth following in the world of interior design and decor.

Stay tuned for more interviews and insights from the world of lighting and decor, presented by Sparkle Lighting. For daily inspiration, make sure to follow @myedwardianhouse on Instagram, where Susan Roe continues to enchant with her ever-evolving, inviting home.