Are sparkly lights just for Christmas? -

Are sparkly lights just for Christmas?

Christmas is now well and truly over and even the children are back to school. Do you think all the Christmas decorations including the sparkly lights should be well and truly packed away?

At Sparkle Lighting, we think not and for this reason we will be offering our sparkly decorative lights all year round.

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Star with fairy lights


We think these metal star with lights can be used all year. These battery operated star lights look great propped up anywhere in the house and give off a lovely warm light.

These star shaped lights have been featured on Antonia Ludden's  award winning lifestyle and interior blog -Tidy Away Today and more recently on Antonia's Instagram page @antonia-ludden where she talks about Christmassy decs that it is ok to keep up after the twelfth night.

This star with lights are available in black and white. The white one is the smaller version.

Fairy light star

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are also starting to be used all year round. Many of our customers have chosen to leave their cluster fairy lights adorning banisters throughout the year. Our 12.5-meter mains-operated fairy lights are the perfect length for this purpose.

Alternatively, get creative by placing our 3.5-meter battery-operated fairy lights in a jar or vase for a captivating centerpiece.

Shown here are the silver cluster fairy lights but they are also available in copper in both lengths.

Fairy lights in a jar

Pom pom lights

These pom pom fairy lights have stolen the show and are perfect to bring some warm light to a room all year round. They have been featured on hygge_for_home Instagram page with almost 200,000 followers.

Pom Pom Fairy Lights in a living room

With a length of 9 meters, these white pom pom lights can be draped around a mirror, bed, or elegantly woven through a living or dining room.

pom pom fairy lights uk

At Sparkle Lighting, we believe that sparkly lights should not be limited to the holiday season.

Whether it's the timeless beauty of star lights, the enchanting glow of fairy lights, or the cosy charm of pom pom lights, our products offer year-round versatility.

We encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below. How would you incorporate these lights into your everyday life? Let us know!