Garden Party Lighting Ideas

Garden Party Lighting Ideas

When setting up for a garden party you need to decide where the focus of the party is going to be, you can then zone this area using lighting to make a statement and set the scene.

Dress your outdoor pergola or patio with our lighting ideas

If you have a pergola, these are the perfect focal point for a party and are ideal for hanging lights overhead. You can use festoon lights, outdoor fairy lights, solar lanterns or outdoor hanging pendant lights and they will all help to create a warm inviting atmosphere.

outdoor garden patio lights

A string of festoon garden lights is great for lighting a pergola: all of Sparkle's festoon lights are perfect for this and if you don't have power you can use our battery outdoor festoon lights

If you really want to create the wow factor, intertwine a string of fairy lights into the pergola alongside the festoon lights and it will feel like you’re sitting out under a starry sky, no matter how cloudy it may be overhead.

outdoor solar lanterns and hanging lights

If you want to go for more of a bright and playful look for your party, Sparkle’s Outdoor Solar Lanterns will bring the ultimate Boho vibe. These outdoor solar lights are available in various colours and shapes and work perfectly together to create an impact. They feature a delicate paper-like finish but are made using a unique tyvek lightweight and durable material so you don’t have to worry about them being ruined by the elements. We think the more the better with these solar lanterns as they look great together in sets.

Create a Statement with Outdoor Table Pendant Lights

outdoor hanging pendant bulb lights

If you are looking for a more modern look for your garden party, our Outdoor Pendant Lights will bring all the style and function of indoors outside. These metal mesh lights are a statement piece to hang from your pergola. They have a hook at the top and are battery operated.

All of these lights have hooks or handles that you can easily attach to a pergola but if you don’t have a pergola, you can still create a stunning area for your party…

Don't have a pergola? Light up your garden party with suspended outdoor fairy lights and festoon lighting

outdoor garden fairy string lights

All of Sparkle’s outdoor fairy lights are perfect for decorating overhead or to run along a table, you just need some trees or poles to attach them to create a look like this. These pretty starburst outdoor fairy lights are perfect for bringing some sparkle to a party. You can also use our hanging starburst lights alongside them to create even more impact.

Create walk ways that wow with outdoor solar stake lights

outdoor garden solar path lights

How about using some of our solar stake lights to light the way to the party area?  These outdoor starburst solar stake lights work perfectly for this but you could also use our outdoor sphere lights for even more wow factor.

Create a cosy, intimate table setting with LED candles and solar lanterns

LED flameless battery powered candles

LED candles or solar lanterns will bring an intimate glow to an outdoor table for a party and draw everyone in.

As you can see from the images above, pretty lights will set the scene for a cosy garden party!

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