Fairy Lights along a mantlepiece

Ambient Autumn Lighting Ideas to Bring a Cosy Glow to Your Home

As the seasons transition from summer into autumn and the evenings become darker, we begin to hibernate and spend more time inside our homes. It’s important to create a warm, comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining friends during the darker days and evenings.

8 Ways to Make your Home Warm and Inviting with our Autumn Lighting Ideas:

1. Create a cosy sparkle with string fairy lights

autumn white gold fairy lights

Bring an ambient glow to your space by hanging a string of white, gold or copper fairy lights that work all year around a mantlepiece or staircase. This creates a focal point in a room and brings a lovely warm glow to the space.

 2. Add warmth and glamour with cordless battery operated table lamps

green LED cordless table lantern

Decorate a console table in a hall, a coffee table or dining table with cordless battery powered table lamps or pretty fairy lights to set a cosy mood in a sitting or dining area.

3. Create a statement with a hanging star or window light

autumn large hanging star lights

 standing window star light

Stars are a perfect addition to the home once the nights get longer. A stunning hanging star or freestanding window light will bring those cosy vibes that we all crave into any space: make a statement with lots together or use one by itself.

4. Frame a mirror or doorway with cotton ball string of fairy lights

LED pom pom string fairy lights

Bring hygge vibes to your home with these stunning on-trend 9m long pom pom cotton ball fairy lights: they can be used anywhere in your home to create a lovely warm ambience during the autumn season.

5. Create a cosy, romantic vibe with LED battery operated flameless candles

battery operated flameless LED candle

Use LED battery operated flameless candles in the corner of a room, on a coffee or dining table or on a shelf to bring a warm comforting glow to your space.

Another way to bring the outside in this Autumn is to add a splash of colour to your hallway, bedroom or living space. Whether you want subtle warmth or rich, bold tones, here are our top picks for adding the perfect seasonal shades to your home.

6. Dress White or Neutral Interiors with White String Fairy Lights

gold copper fairy string lights

Choosing lighting that has a white or a neutral finish is the perfect way to bring sparkle and glow to your home and also makes sure that it doesn’t look too Christmassy. Use white string fairy lights to decorate a jar, mantelpiece or as a stunning table decoration.

7. Add Richness and Warmth with Decadent Gold Fairy Lights

autumn gold leaf string fairy lights

autumn gold star wreath lighting

Gold is a lovely warm neutral colour that is perfect for incorporating into your home for the autumn season. Bring a decadent warm glow with a string of fern gold fairy lights or hang an autumn inspired gold star wreath on your front door or feature wall. 

8. Celebrate Warm Autumn Hues with Red, Yellow & Orange String Fairy Lights & Wreaths

yellow orange red autumn leaves fairy string lights

Eucalyptus autumn leaf string fairy lights

gold orange red eucalyptus autumn leaf wreath lighting

Autumn is a stunning time for colour when the leaves on the trees start to change to deep oranges, reds and yellows. Bring these colours inside and incorporate them into your decor to create that lovely autumnal feel with our seasonal leaf string fairy lights and wreaths.

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